Codes, Ordinances, and Statutes

County Code

  • The Sacramento County Code includes valuable information on topics including employee relations, personnel, management representation and compensation, representation of confidential employees and the informal representation of employees other than management or confidential. To view sections pertaining to these topics and more, please view the Coun​ty Code.


  • The County of Sacramento Employee Relations Ordinance captures the County's rules and regulations governing employment relations. The ordinance includes definitions and local rules regarding employee organizational rights, county rights, determinate of unit, election and decertification, among other items. View the Employee R​elations Ordinance.
  • The County of Sacramento Personnel Ordinance captures those rules regarding terms and conditions of employment for unrepresented staff, including management. These rules also apply to represented employees in the absence of specific language in the applicable labor agreements. View the Personnel Ordinance


Civil Service Rules

  • County employment is governed by the Civil Service Commission, which is a nonpartisan public commission providing policy direction and oversight of the system of selecting and promoting civil service employees. The commission carries out its powers and duties within the guidelines of adopted rules. View the Civil Service Rules

Frequently Referenced County Charter Provisions

  • Article VII, Section 21 J: This refers to the portion of the County Charter outlining the powers and duties of the County Executive. In Section 21 J, the County Executive is given authority​ to temporarily transfer employees from one position to another within the county. View Article​ VII of the County Charter.
  • Article XVI, Section 71 J: This refers to the portion of the County Charter outlining Personnel Administration. In Section 71 J, the Board of Supervisors is given authority, within specific guidelines, to contract for County services. View Article ​XVI​ of the County Charter​​.